10-20-30 Fundraiser

Beginning on November 1st, and running through November 30th, the Orpheus Male Chorus of Phoenix will be conducting its annual 10/20/30 Fundraiser.  During the month of November, each member of the chorus will be asked to identify 10 people, whether they be friends, family, or acquaintances, who are willing to donate $20 or more to Orpheus during the 30 days of November.  In essence, members will need to find 10 people to donate $20 or more in 30 days (10/20/30). 

Donations from this fundraiser, combined with proceeds from ticket sales, help us do what we do.  Not only does Orpheus present quality choral performances, but we strive to be part of our community through assisting other local non-profits and providing educational outreach.  We invite you to navigate to our “About Us” page in the menu on the left to see what your money will do for our community.

Please assist us in this endeavor by clicking on the Donate Now button below and locating your favorite singer, board member, or member of our staff from the list provided.  If you can’t decide or don’t have a favorite, a General Donation option is for you.  Follow the instructions provided to complete your donation.

We appreciate your support!

Our Fundraising Goal:  $35,000



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